Brilliant question: So what are you making this mean?

Early on in my career, a mentor taught me a simple yet brilliant question ‘so what are you making this mean?’

The message was clear. Decide what is significant. Provide context and what you believe is the path forward in a situation. 

Fast forward to today, and I find it amusing that I now ask that question to my clients. 

Usually, they tell me about a scenario at work or the result of a goal. 

I ask them what they are making the circumstance mean; this always reveals what they are thinking. 

You get to tell your brain what is important.

Remember and answer this brilliant question ‘so what are you making this mean?’ Choose your thoughts carefully!

If not, it will revert to the default operating system–old beliefs. 

Since our thoughts create our feelings, which ultimately create our results, we need to be aware of what we choose to think.

You get to choose the meaning you give to everything. 

So choose a good story, one that works for your future vision. 

Everything that has ever been created in the world starts with a thought. 

Which one will you choose? 

Healing starts. Life opens up. Careers Advance. It’s all possible.

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