Your career trajectory is on track. So, why does everything feel so off?

Tell me if this sounds anything like you:

  • You have a decent job, but yet, you still find yourself striving for the new next thing — a promotion or job change — something that feels more fulfilling, exciting, or a position that feels more aligned to your long-term goals.
  • You’re a high achiever. From the outside looking in, things are great. You’ve worked your way into a position you’ve always dreamed of, but something just doesn’t feel right. You think, Who am I to complain? You feel guilty that you’re not satisfied with your career — a career that you know so many others would die for.
  • You’re thinking, planning, networking, and hustling around your next steps but you have nothing to show for it except exhaustion.

So many of my clients come to me feeling unsatisfied in their careers, and they think that if they just change companies, switch professions, or put their head down and continue to hustle, they’ll one day find what they’re looking for.

But they don’t.

You see, changing the circumstances will never solve the problem. What needs to change are your thoughts.



Hi, I'm Jill Griffin,

a career and business coach.

I’ve spent my career driving impact, inspiration, and culture within global organizations and start-ups. I’ve led innovation, digital and media strategy, content development, and marketing programs for many of the world’s top brands.

Sounds exciting, right? It was!

But what if I told you that as soon I started to pick up steam in my career, I was involved in an accident that led to head trauma, forcing me to rethink, reset, and reboot my career and my life. The injury forced me to live on purpose, rather than in reaction.

It forced me to consider how much of an impact my thoughts played in creating my results.

And, it forced me to adjust my own career trajectory: While I still spent many years consulting with incredible brands like Coca Cola, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, and Virgin America, I also became a certified coach passionate about helping others create fulfilling careers and lives.

You see, what you think shows up over and over again in your results. If accelerating your career only involved creating an action list and powering through it, you’d be able to do this work on your own. But it doesn’t.

You need to stop treating the symptom and start treating the problem.

My clients achieve results by doing the thought work necessary to get clear on what they want to create and then rebuild their thoughts so that those results are possible.

I believe without investigating your mind; you will not make sustainable changes to propel you into action. And without action, you don't grow and achieve your goals. Both sides need to be addressed.

I can get you to your goals faster and with a lot less stress.

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My Key Beliefs

There Is No Geographic Solution

Your beliefs will follow you. Reframe your thinking before you move to your next opportunity.

You’re Living Between the Real and the Possible

Sure, you live in reality, but are you devoting enough time to possibility? That’s where the magic happens.

Don’t Cut What Can Be Untied

Examine your thought patterns before you make any seemingly urgent decisions.

Practice Mindful Constraint

Ask yourself: Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said by me right now?